Meet the Open Hearts Team

Joseph Preston



Joseph Preston is an engineer, entrepreneur, and software professional. As a Product Manager at Carvana, he focuses on building consumer-grade applications for internal customers to help run and scale back office operations. Joseph is passionate about getting diverse groups of people together to solve complex problems with technology. He leads by placing people at the center of complex problems, using data to tell stories, and emphasizing systems thinking. After graduating from Northern Arizona University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, he joined General Motors during their massive IT insourcing effort.

At GM he was exposed to every part of the software development lifecycle, and mentored dozens of young professionals trying to navigate their career paths as a vice-president of GM’s largest employee resource group. He has volunteered for a variety of nonprofits in the tech industry, including Engineers Without Borders and the Arizona Technology Council. He lives in Phoenix with his wife, two cats, and dog. In his spare time you can find him reading, writing, gardening, or exploring the local arts scene.