Leadership Team

Brittany Caffarelli

Director of Talent Enrichment

Brittany Caffarelli is a passionate advocate for the well-being of individuals both in and out of uniform. With a rich background in human resources and extensive experience in behavioral health and recovery organizations across the valley, Brittany’s journey is marked by dedication and compassion.

During her decade of military service, Brittany honed her leadership skills, overseeing multiple clinics and civilian personnel. Now, in her role in Human Resources, she’s all about creating a positive workplace environment, advocating for effective policies, and ensuring everyone’s health and happiness.

Brittany thrives on collaboration, offering support to both staff and clients, helping them tackle challenges with confidence. She’s all about the human side of HR, finding joy in seeing people grow and succeed in their roles.

Outside of work, Brittany’s always up for adventure. She’s recently taken up mountain biking, finding excitement in exploring new trails. And when she’s not on the move, you’ll find her indulging in the peaceful world of diamond art or getting lost in the pages of a captivating book.


Brittany Caffarelli