Leadership Team

Raquel Crawford

Director of Marketing & Communications

Raquel Crawford is a passionate advocate for mental health and well-being, using her skills in communication and marketing to make a positive impact. She holds a master’s degree in business administration from Grand Canyon University and is an alumna of the Hispanic Leadership Institute Class 2023. She is dedicated to leadership and community  empowerment, as shown by her involvement in various committees and organizations, including the Desert Botanical Garden.

Raquel’s expertise spans marketing, community engagement, public policy, and human resources, gained from her experiences in non profit, government, and private sectors in both Mexico and the United States. She is committed to raising awareness about mental health and breaking the stigma surrounding it by openly sharing her own experiences.

Outside of her professional life, Raquel leads an active lifestyle, participating in activities like CrossFit, running half marathons, Yoga, Pilates, hikes, and Peloton rides. She also enjoys spending time with her dog and friends, taking care of her plants, and reading.


Raquel (Romero) Crawford, MBA