Leadership Team

Zoё Flippen

Director of the Neurosequential Model

Zoë Flippen brings to the Open Hearts community over a decade of experience in behavioral health, showcasing extensive knowledge in working with both adult and child populations. She holds multiple certifications with the Neurosequential Network, including NMT Phase II and NM-R, showcasing advanced expertise in applying neuroscientific principles to trauma-informed care.

In addition to her certifications, Zoë has demonstrated academic excellence, holding a Master of Science degree in Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience from Sheffield Hallam University. This reflects her dedication to academic excellence in a specialized field. Offering a distinctive blend of expertise in behavioral health, trauma informed care, and neuroscientific insights to her audience, Zoë aims to benefit others through various avenues. Whether through her role at Open Hearts Family Wellness, community volunteer work, or creative pursuits as a silversmith and art teacher, she strives to share knowledge, promote healing, and foster artistic expression.

At the core of Zoë’s values lies a dedication to fostering holistic well-being, empathy, and education. Her overarching goal is to contribute to the enhancement of individuals and communities by seamlessly
integrating neuroscience and  rauma-informed practices into her work.

What makes Zoë unique is her commitment to community engagement. Beyond her professional role, she actively volunteers at Liberty Wildlife, serving as a dedicated raptor rescuer. In addition, she channels her passion for art into roles as a part-time silversmith and art teacher.


Zoë Flippen MSc, NMT