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The mental health crisis is impacting our communities, including the workplace. Open Hearts’ innovative corporate wellness programs help your employees thrive by equipping them with essential skills for
healthy relationships and stress management.

Why Choose Open Hearts?

Evidence-Based Approach:

Our programs are rooted in the Neurosequential Model, developed by renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Bruce Perry, MD, PhD. This model uses brain science to guide participants in improving their psychological and relational health.

Expert-led facilitation

Our team members hold Masters or Doctoral degrees with specialized training in the Neurosequential Model, ensuring high-quality program delivery.

Targeted Programs

NMC Training

Provides a comprehensive approach to caregiving, equipping caregivers with practical tools and strategies to support children's emotional development. The potential benefits extend to both the children's well-being and the caregivers' satisfaction and effectiveness.

What Happened To You Book Club?

What Happened to You? by Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey is a reflective book that provides a guided space for reflection and processing past experiences. This isn't just a reading group; it's a dynamic and inclusive community designed for personal development and positive change.

Ready to invest in your employees' well-being?

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